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HOA was founded by Col.Prem in the year 1992.  With many feathers in his Cap Col is a ground to earth person a man with a mission….A vision of education through adventure…with life time of experiences and a never say die spirit.

Set amidst the Grandeur of the Pir Panjal and Dracula Dhar Ranges in the Valley of Gods, our HOA offers youth courses in a wide range of mountain and outdoor activities.

The location of the Institute is on the South of Rohtang Pass on Manali Leh road 13 KMS from manali makes It deal for all activities both in summer and winter.

To Feel alone and small,- to push your physical, mental, spiritual capacity,- to challenge more than your tolerance level- To get to the top. Our Camps give you the fortitude to pursue your ambitions. You will understand that experience and the Judgment are better built in smaller steps. Your experience in HOA will be foundation of your adult life.

With courses ranging from a few days to a few months, we attract highly motivated students who want to learn how to lead. Our hands on, learn-by-doing approach means that our graduates get the skills they need to be competent, responsible wilderness travelers long after their course is over. The courses conducted by HOAC are not an end in itself but are impactful vehicles for learning. We conduct quality adventure training, physically and mentally challenging safe and fun. "Our mission is to prepare the youth for the challenges of life". Trainees journey through a great adventure in the Himalayas as they work closely learning different skills. In the process they develop resilience, mental toughness, tenacity, imitative, team spirit, good values and positive attitude.
  • Increasing self awareness.
  • Overcome self imposed limits
  • Increase self- confidence.
  • Developing leadership qualities.
  • Improving team work spirit.
  • Develop communication skills
  • Develop compassion for others.
  • Acquire new skills and exercise initiative and resourcefulness
  • Environmental awareness and sensitivity
  • Reinforce a sense of responsibility and determination to succeed
  • Visit beautiful and remote areas in the Himalayas and make new friends
  • People can be taught theories and concepts of leading others in a class room, but we can learn only by actually doing it.

At HOA we learn by doing .You can teach people theories and concepts of leading others in a class room, but we only learn by actually doing it.

It is important for the participants to come for the course with an open mind, in readiness for the experiences and people they will encounter.

We at HOA aim to increase the opportunities for young people to take part in exploration, discovery and challenging adventure; and to make these programmes safer and more meaningful

We not only develop leaders .We attract highly motivated Students who want to learn how to lead.

Our students get the Skills by learn by doing approach, skills they need to become responsible wilderness travelers.

We educate in the remote wilderness not only the skills of outdoor leadership but also leadership in various other aspects of life

You get support from the best of Staff in outdoor education.

Extensive Courses offering exquisite landscapes with mountains and plains Manali is the ideal place to start your wilderness education.

With high level of personalized service, specialized trainers, total commitment to quality with every passing year has become the hall mark of our operations.

We pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of the vast Himalayan Range, and our ability to meet the exacting needs of our participants.

Those who have experienced this country side and its changing rivers and streams steep jagged and wide valleys, have waded through glistening snow on cold sunny winters days and then possibly called in one of the cozy warm chalets or the kothi institute, or have been overcome by the mass of wild flowers on the meadows, bushes in summer months will appreciate why the prefecture is an ideal destination for the fun and adventure holidays in the western Himalayas.

"Man Flaunts what nature provides it in abundance----what is there for all of us to see only a few can see and experience….come join us in exploring nature, traverse unknown paths, trails which have stood the passage of time and will be there for generations to come"


The Trans-Himalaya is the last enclave of Tibetian culture left on earth, and Tibetian culture is the last citadel of “all that present day humanity is longing for, either because it has been lost or not yet realized or because it is in danger of disappearing from human sight; the stability of a tradition, which has it’s roots not only in historical or cultural past, but within the innermost being of man.”

We in the Himalayan Outdoors are from the region – Lahoul. The land of Trans-Himalaya and Tibet has been our haunt for survival, trade, culture and religion from the very beginning. We pride ourselves in our intimate knowledge of this land. We are specialists in adventure travel, climbing expeditions and remote area logistics. We have grown in these mountains like a juniper tree. With us you will explore the most exotic and fascinating land immersing yourselves in a different culture and experiencing the beautiful, challenging and unique surroundings.

  • Pin Parvati Pass Trek: Connects the beautiful Parvati River Valley in Kullu with Pin River Valley in Spiti.
  • Hamta Pass Trek: Links Kullu /Beas River Valley over Pir Panjal Range with Chandra River Valley in Lahoul.
  • Singola Pass Trek: Links Lahoul / Bhaga River Valley over Singola Pass with Zanskar /River Valley.Duhangan Pass – Animal Pass – Sara Umga Pass Trek: Connects Beas River Valley with Malana Valleyand further with Lahoul Valley.
  • Phangchi Galu (pass) Trek: Connects Sain /River Valley over the Galu with Manikaran/Parvati RiverValley.
  • Kali Heyni Pass-Bara Bhangal-Thamsar pass-Bir Trek: Links Kullu Valley with Barabhangal with Bir in Kangra Distt.
  • Parang La Trek: Connects Spiti /River Valley with Ladakh/ Indus River Valley.
  • Kang La Trek: Connects Miyar Valley in Lahoul with Zanskar valley.
  • Kugti Pass Trek: Connects Chamba /Brahmour valley with Lahoul valley

Climbing Expeditions:

Ladakh: Nun – Kun, Stog Kangri.
Lahoul & Spiti: Mulkila, Kao Rang, Menthosa, Phabrang, Gangsthang, CCKN and numerous peaks in CB range.
Kullu: White Sail, Papsura, Deo Tibba, Indrasan, Parvati South, Hanuman Tibba and Mukerveh.
Kinaur: Leo Pargial and Jorkhandan.


  • Summer Holiday Camps: HRD training in adventure for children and youth groups.
  • Snow Skiing.
  • Special Interest Groups : Visit GHNP, Pin Valley National Park, Kibber Wild Life Sanctuary,Tribal/ Budhist Culture Tours and Adventure for Handicapped.
  • Rafting and Para Gliding.

This wilderness will certainly be gone by the centuries end. The journey in the Trans Himalaya is a true pilgrimage, a journey of heart.

Col Prem :Programme Executive.

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