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Himalayan Outdoor Adventure Institute aims to increase the opportunities for young people part in exploration. Discovery and challenging adventure; and to make these programs safer and more meaningful. The instructions and staff are highly motivated and experienced there spirit and enthusiasm ensure HC camps are very difference from most other alternatives available in and around Manali.


Rock climbing is an unbelievably exhilarating sport and we invite you to experience it with HOA.

The rock in our area varies each type with its unique qualities. For a complete novice –this course introduces the participant to basic outdoor skills camping hiking and first aid, route selection and navigation, climbing techniques and natural history…. rock climbing skills movement on rocks route finding. Participants will be oriented to basic knowledge of the use, care of climbing equipment, basic knots and coiling skills and belay techniques as well as rope management, handling and abseiling techniques. Belaying and rappelling on fixed rope. As much as practical climbing as possible will be given. They will be exposed to training sessions at various rock faces in and around Rahla and Rotang Pass and in Kothi in the Pir Panjal Range.

In case of a little advanced rock climbers. From a camp at Kothi we will visit different areas each day to learn the skills of rock climbing from the ground up. In tandem with rock performance training and movement skills will be comprehensive and detailed instruction in safety and belay systems including: (use of nuts, camming devices etc) gear placements, anchor building, various belay systems, lead skills, self-rescue and rescue, multi-pitch systems. Our instructors are professional mountain guides

Rock Climbing On demand through the summer months.

Outdoor Rock Intro- Weekend course for total beginners, basic & intermediate level climbers.

Rock Evolution course 5-day program for total beginners, basic & intermediate level.

Private Program On demand for individuals, families, groups.


This is a classic 12 day camp using the rustic natural environment of the western Himalayas and surroundings of Kothi village. The course is based on multi expedition and element concept where participants journey on several expeditions that keep them on the move. It brings them to the unfamiliar, helping them to stretch beyond their comfort zone-to explore, venture and learn. Community service is an integral part of the camp to give participants an opportunity of helping others. At the end of the camp they will climb a peak of 4000-5000 mtr


 Solang Valley is world famous for winter sports and Skiing. The Solang slopes are ideal for both the novice and professional. During the course the trainees will learn to live in cold and snowbound areas and in cold temperatures and basic skills in snow skiing

The course is designed for people new to skiing and is ideal as a primer before joining us on one of our longer trips. You'll spend a weekend in the mountains learning the basics of  skiing: how to use your skis properly, how to use 'skins', how to travel on skies, powder ski tips, a very basic introduction to avalanche awareness and emergency preparedness. Sound like fun? It is!


This introduces kids to a slow and playful manner of outdoor and camping manners ,Wilderness Travel ,rock climbing, clothing and gear ,map and compass reading, camp games and skills in nature observation.

This course requires participants to constantly deal with unfamiliar situations and adapt o changes. In this process, they learn their own strengths and weaknesses. They also learn about the importance of mental tenacity, having positive attitude and effective leadership in overcoming the challenges posed to them. Participants are constantly on the move, taking on progressively demanding challenges each day.

We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading mountain school & mountain guide services in India .we are committed to providing the highest quality mountain experiences.  It's all about enjoying the mountains, learning from them, and accepting challenge while staying as safe as possible.


This, condensed and intensive high-end program. It focuses on the skills required of the summer mountaineer ... climbing Himalayan rock, snow and ice, glacier travel, crevasse rescue, technical rock, mountain approach plus navigation. This is a demanding and strenuous program which requires a high level of aerobic fitness from participants. It is suitable for beginners and those with basic previous experience in hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing. During training segments the group will be based in a range of accommodations that will include wilderness camping, camping at high altitude.

Since this program is about developing all - round mountain skills, you will be involved in menu planning, food packing and food preparation for out-trips. During training you and the other course members will be responsible for cooking for the group. The food supplied will be healthy and nutritious with emphasis on simplicity. Do not expect a lavish menu, but also do not expect to starve, you will eat well. Topics include:

  • Snow School: - Movement on snow - Use of Ice Axe - Self Arrests - Snow Anchors
  • Ice School: - Use of Crampons - Ice Anchors
  • Glacier Safety: - Glacier Morphology - Choosing a Safe Route - Rope Use for Glaciers - Crevasse Rescue
  • Navigation: - Map and Compass Use - Whiteout Procedures - Route Planning
  • Safe Movement: - Trail Techniques and Pacing - Use of Rope on Snow, Ice and Mixed Terrain
  • Accident and Emergency Procedures
  • CLIMBS!!! 'Introduction to Mountaineering' is a 'hands-on' course. Skills are explained, demonstrated in the field and then put into practice by participants during glacier crossings and peak ascents. Expect to be sharing the lead, solving route finding problems and fully involved in decision making.

The peaks attempted on this course are of moderate difficulty, in fact it is often appropriate to allow students the lead. You will need to be fit and it is a 'hiking' fitness that you will need as you will be traveling several kilometers of glacier each day, often having to break trail in soft snow. Any training you can do in advance, particularly that involving hiking up steep terrain, will really enhance your enjoyment of this program. No prior mountaineering experience is needed.

Our objectives are to train you to become an independent and fully self sufficient summer mountaineer. To develop you're all round competence to an advanced intermediate level across the spectrum of summer mountaineering skills. This in tandem with the development of individual and group leadership skills.

Himalayan Trekking: Travel in difficult big mountain terrain breeds great mountain skills Route finding and scrambling skills lead directly into more advanced mountaineering.

Mountaineering: Glacier travel, crevasse rescue, climbing snow, ice and rock peaks. Expect to be leading on peaks

Mountain Navigation: Route finding in whiteouts using compass and GPS.

Trip Logistics: Planning, menus, gear, safety, emergency response.

Price includes:

  • All out-trip hut and camping fees.
  • All out-trip meals.
  • Course transportation.
  • Low Ratio Instruction.
  • Use of all technical gear.
  • All group camping gear (tents, stoves etc).

Groups arrive and disperse ex. FLK under own arrangements. Manali is well connected with all major township in North India by overnight direct bus services. Chandigarh, Shimal and Kullu are air terminals and pathankot and Chandigarh are the Rail heads for Manali.


Major activities till date

Colonel Prem has successfully trained some of the greatest Everest expeditions of present times.
  • 1984 Everest expedition , which successfully put the first Indian women Ms Bachendri Pal on top of Mount. Everest (He personally trained the women group).
  • West Bengals North Face Everest Expedition-1991, from Chinese side .
  • “Indo-Nepal Joint Women Expedition-1993” which put a record number of Seven Women on top of Mount. Everest including the youngest girl..
  • Malaysian Everest Expedition -1997 (S.E Asia’s first successful Expedition to Mount. Everest)
  • Malaysian Chaukhamba-II Expedition-1996.

Other Notable Training activities

  • Initiated Singapore NCC into Adventure activities.
  • Conducted a series of Indian Mountaineering Foundation’s (IMF), Training Camps.
  • Conducted Winter Games Federation of India’s (WGFI),Summer Camps
  • Mountain Guide training courses for Dept. of Tourism Govt., of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Adventure courses for some of the top Indian Schools, Doon school, BCS shimla,YPS Chandigarh, etc
  • Supported Research teams of the Earth watch Groups
  • Supported Research teams of the Royal Holloway College of University of London.
  • Conducted National Adventure foundation’s (NAF) adventure camps
  • Tata Adventure Foundations

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