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Feedback From Participants

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank a lot of people who made this trip really memorable. Note , This does not necessarily have to be in a sequential Manner

Arti – an amazing host.Always laughing and guiding us to do the right things. Ensuring that we keep ourself hydrated with frequent cups of chai , snacks and food. I haven’t come across such a host before. All of us felt more like a home away from home at Kothi..Thanks a ton Arti.. I am definitely gonna be back once again..

The entire Team - Karthik,Guru,Mora,Nivedita,Nags,Praneeth and Mohit.. Thanks a ton guys for making this happen and making this trip the most memorable one in my life.

Please do keep me posted on all the treks that you organize.. I may not be coming to all of them, however I shall make to atleast some of them. I am still to get off the hangover of the previous one and its gonna be a while before I get off it.

Thanks a ton to all you. I have made some great friends during this trip. I will be posting the photograps on my facebook page.

I am going to cherish these days in the future to come.

Arun B

I am very happy to learn about the successful conduct of the Alpine Climbing Camp which was conducted at Manali and Lahoul during 11-30 September.

As all the participants had undergone Basic and Advanced Courses, their appreciation the benefits gained by them is a commendable compliment to your dedication. I trust that your mature guidance and support will continue to be available to IMF in the coming years – we can perhaps conduct such camps every year so that the upcoming generation of young mountaineers can benefit from your vast experience.

I am grateful for your keen interest and hard work in making the camp a success.

                                                                            President IMF. Sept 2003.

To our dear colonel, we’d love to thank
For all the adventure, where milk and tea we drank
This adventure we loved, roaming out in rain
Catching the bear by ear; and the lion by mane.

Here are the instructors, & my dear colleagues
Rest anyone of them, I’d be counting trees

There was our cook Ratan, & his dear friend
Whose quest to burst my stomach, shall never end.

Bhrigu was great, & Patalsu too                   (holy lake,  Peak)
Who gets the chance to go there, just a very few.

I love jumaring, so did he                  (climbing with Jumar ascenders)
Rock climbing was great, you can take it from me.

Now we take leave of you & mother nature
Cause we’ve to go to Mumbai & learn math and literature..

                                                                      Shovan - 12 years. May 2006.

“Himalayas while forging my physical and mental strengths also gave its beauty to drink but it also taught me the subtle lessons of life –

The tall and lofty mountains taught me humility, the trees standing sturdy in all weathers taught me steadfastness, the river flowing gracefully through the smallest nook and corner taught me flexibility and perseverance and the strong hardy animals taught me adaptability and the resilient people taught me to be tough as nails outside but have a warm heart inside.

I hope to imbibe all these qualities in myself and become a better individual. As we weaved our way home through the ghats of Himachal Pradesh to go home, I was hastily trying to cramp in my mind all the sights and sounds of the enchanting place. And so to day when writing this piece, I can see them drifting across my eyes and bring back a flood of memories. I also hope that this experience will be the beginning of a life long romance with the Himalayas and I will keep coming back because I left a piece of me there”.

Nehal Shah. – May 2008.

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